Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin

Do you ever feel like you’re living for everyone but yourself? Everything you do is for the happiness, safety, and the well-being of others. But when do you start living life for you?

Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin

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That’s the question Anne Katherine answers in her book Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin. It’s a perfect lesson for people who constantly live life regretting not speaking up for themselves and continually suffering disappointment from certain situations.

You’ll learn how to determine and set healthy boundaries that will reestablish a system of respect in your circles at work, home, and socially. Boundaries aren’t meant to be doled out as punishments to get back at people who have wronged you.

In fact, it’s the polar opposite. It strengthens your relationships because you walk away happy with every encounter, or at least satisfied with the results. The other person isn’t allowed to steamroll you and they don’t have to endure your reaction and resentment.

In this book, you’ll enjoy reading the real-life situations that are sprinkled throughout to showcase how boundaries are effective in life. With many books about boundaries, they’re written from a spiritual standpoint.

This book, however, is all about self-help regardless of your religious of beliefs. And while most books on this topic point the finger at you for not having boundaries in your life to this point, the author of this book focuses on empowering you and getting you to take responsibility for your personal satisfaction.

Whenever someone who needs to set boundaries because they feel victimized by others begins learning about this subject matter, they often feel ashamed and weak thinking back on all of the moments and missed opportunities to stand up for themselves.

There’s no need to do that when you’re reading Boundaries. The blame, if there is any, is on the people who violated you and disrespected you, regardless of whether or not you bluntly set boundaries with them.

From minor disagreements to heavy topics like sexual abuse, the author does a great job of conveying how to set boundaries in any difficult situation and get the other person to abide by them.

This book is applicable to men and women alike, of any age and income level. No longer will you have to yield to the pressure and demands of another person. From this moment on, you’ll be in control of what happens to you and how you react to it.

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