Empowering Kids Who Spend Time With a Disordered Parent

Empowering the Child

You have children with someone who turned out to be a narcissist, antisocial, borderline or psychopath. Now, every time you must send the kids to stay with your ex, you worry. She may or may not feed them. He breaks their toys and breaks his promises. At the very least, your ex messes with their minds and emotions.

How can you protect your kids when you’re not there?

In this webinar, Claudia Paradise, LCSW, explains how a disordered parent may affect children, and how you can strengthen your kids so they can get through the visits. You’ll learn how safe routines when the kids are with you, building their self-esteem, encouraging them to deal with their feelings, and other strategies, will give kids the resilience to overcome the negativity they may encounter with your ex.


The key to helping children deal with a disordered parent
Issues boys and girls experience with disordered mothers or fathers
How to talk about the tough stuff with your child
What you need to know about cognitive dissonance in children
How to select a therapist for your child

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