Protect Your Money When Divorcing a Sociopath

When you’re splitting from a disordered husband or wife, the first thing to understand is that your soon-to-be ex feels absolutely no obligation to be fair. Therefore, you must know what to expect and take steps to protect yourself financially when divorcing a sociopath. The lies and manipulation that you […]

Empowering Kids Who Spend Time With a Disordered Parent

You have children with someone who turned out to be a narcissist, antisocial, borderline or psychopath. Now, every time you must send the kids to stay with your ex, you worry. She may or may not feed them. He breaks their toys and breaks his promises. At the very least, […]

How To Heal After Being Raised By Narcissists

Being parented by a narcissist usually leads to significant struggles as an adult and you may be dealing with them right now. It is likely that you never had healthy love or relationships modeled for you and that you have suffered all sorts of mistreatment or abuse regularly, probably since […]